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 Denali Falls Pack :: WOLF RPG

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Denali Falls Pack :: WOLF RPG Empty
PostSubject: Denali Falls Pack :: WOLF RPG   Denali Falls Pack :: WOLF RPG EmptyTue Feb 25, 2014 8:17 pm

Denali Falls Pack

Loyalty is what drives me to succeed my pack... But, they succeed me through three virtues: Loyalty, Love and Trust. But, it doesn't matter where they are. We are all bonded through our hearts. We may venture far and wide to find our destiny... But, they know they will complete their destiny with our bond closing in. For one to face their destiny through our pack, you must show us what you can be. Are you in?
--Spoken from the leader of this pack, Jay

This wolf roleplay is a small, close-knit community revolving around an island in Canada. We focus on building a family and to strengthen our skills in the real world. We are not just a place to roleplay, but to grow among a pack. 3 years and counting, this pack will not fail with the power of loyalty...

Join us!

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Denali Falls Pack :: WOLF RPG
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