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 Nymeria ~ A Wolf RPG [PB]

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PostSubject: Nymeria ~ A Wolf RPG [PB]   Nymeria ~ A Wolf RPG [PB] EmptyTue Jun 17, 2014 4:30 pm

Nymeria ~ A Wolf RPG [PB] NymeriaBanner_zps5e000f74

Since the beginning of time the Land of Nymeria has been inhabited by the two ruling packs Rhaegon and Drogon, and since the beginning of time the two have been rivals. Although there have been times of allied forces, that has been long since forgotten, and long since broken. Treaties have been made and diminished, and a new treaty has been made with the diseased Alpha's that is now being threatened by new pack members. The borders of the mountains grow thin, and now with new Alpha's...

One known for his nobility and honor, yet not of the blood of the previous Alpha strives to keep his pack safe and under control, while keeping peace with the treaty. The other, a vicious and cruel Alphess who murdered her mate the previous Alpha, and has been known for killing even her own, strives to break the treaty by pulling strings, and is in hopes of taking over the paradise of the Prairie as well as the lands of Rhaegon.

Struggles, battles, and new members join these packs in hopes of a new life, but what they do not know is what is to come... Death caused by wolves not of these packs. Something far darker is foreseen, that will wipe out the numbers one by one, causing chaos to come. The only question now, is... do the packs have enough of a familial bond to last this impeding storm.

Nymeria Contact:

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Nymeria ~ A Wolf RPG [PB] Empty
PostSubject: Re: Nymeria ~ A Wolf RPG [PB]   Nymeria ~ A Wolf RPG [PB] EmptyTue Jun 17, 2014 7:33 pm

Lined back


Nymeria ~ A Wolf RPG [PB] Tumblr_inline_mt8swuZDyZ1s7farq
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Nymeria ~ A Wolf RPG [PB]
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