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 Akrasia - High Fantasy Wolf RP

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Akrasia - High Fantasy Wolf RP Empty
PostSubject: Akrasia - High Fantasy Wolf RP   Akrasia - High Fantasy Wolf RP EmptySun Mar 23, 2014 9:01 pm

Akrasia - High Fantasy Wolf RP Akad3

Akrasia is a high fantasy role-play for the experienced role-player.

  • high-structure, fantasy wolf role-play
  • intermediate-advanced, 250 word post minimum
  • mutations, spells, and items in our Shop
  • unique species, including immortals
  • easy-to-earn rewards system

    Welcome to the beautiful land of Argaia, where existence is not so simple as living and dying... where immortals and mortals live side-by-side. Enter this turbulent and darkened world, and let your Will be unbroken... or will you fall to Akrasia?
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Akrasia - High Fantasy Wolf RP
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