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 WHEN THE MUSiC STOPS [wolf vs canine rpg]

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WHEN THE MUSiC STOPS [wolf vs canine rpg] Empty
PostSubject: WHEN THE MUSiC STOPS [wolf vs canine rpg]   WHEN THE MUSiC STOPS [wolf vs canine rpg] EmptyWed Apr 09, 2014 3:30 pm

v1 calm before the storm
The wolf population of the world has been in sharp decline. Despite conservationists' and zoos' best efforts, there are only an estimated 10,000 wolves remaining in the wild. With such a small number left, and man ever encroaching on wolf natural habitat, there is little chance for the species to survive much longer. There are simply too few left for the species to have much genetic diversity. In only a few years, it is possible that the wolf will disappear from Earth altogether.

Meanwhile, the population of domestic dog is increasing steadily. New breeds are emerging, crosses between established breeds, called Designer Breeds. Dogs are becoming more and more popular. Nearly one in every ten households in North America have at least one one pet dog. Backyard breeders are becoming more prevalent, escalating the number of Designer Breeds and Pure Breeds alike. But not all dogs find homes. Humane Societies report a nearly 10% increase in stray dogs that are taken in each year. Humane Societies, shelters, and Adoption Groups are beginning to struggle to keep up.

The wolf population of the world has hit critical endangerment. It is estimated that, within only five years, they will be extinct. Animal Rights Activists all over the world gather together, petitioning their governments to do something to save this beautiful predator.

Finally, the United Nations steps in. It is in the best interest of the Earth's fragile ecosystem, not just of those humans who love the wolf, to rescue it. It is decided that the countries of North America, as they have the best wolf habitat in the world, should be the ones to work together to create an animal reserve.The UN tasks them with creating a massive reserve, encompassing all of the major geographical regions wolves are found in, and populating it with prey animals.

A worldwide breeding program is put in place. Facilities are created across the world. Wolves are captured. Bred. Specie numbers are being raised in preparation for the completion of the reserve. The world rallies.

Domestic dog numbers see a sharp increase. With the worldwide effort to save the wolf, the average citizen is suddenly more interested in having their own 'pet wolf.' Wolf-like breeds find themselves populating more and more homes. More and more people are getting in over their heads with dogs. More and more strays are appearing. Humane Societies and shelters are using their resource reserves to keep dogs off the streets.

The reserve has been finished. All traces of human existence has been removed from within the reserve. Native foliage has been replanted. Prey animals were introduced five years ago, and their populations have flourished. Red Rock Rise is ready for the wolves.

Breeding facilities around the world are beginning to ship their wolves to the reserve. They are shipped by plane, by boat, by truck, by train, any way possible to transport them. When they arrive at the Red Rock facility, they are held in large enclosures for three days, to ensure they are free of disease or illness. Then they are driven by truck onto the reserve, and released. Free to do as they please.

The domestic dog situation is reaching a boiling point. For nearly all of human societal existence, cats have outnumbered dogs 5 to 1. Now, dogs outnumber cats 3 to 1. Massive stray populations exist in every city. Everywhere you look there are dogs. As pets. As strays. Humane Societies and shelters are out of space and resources. There is one city in particular where the dogs are becoming more and more feral, returning to their wild roots, and beginning to overrun the streets; Sang City.

Sang is a modern metropolis, rivaling the size of Detroit, and home to millions of people, and nearly a billion dogs. There is a thriving community of both strays and house pets within the city limits. The Sang City Animal Center's Mobile Unit combs the city's streets, picking up strays, rescuing neglected and abused dogs. The Mobile Unit is the top animal management team in North America, but, even so, they are struggling to keep the strays off the streets.

With domestic dog populations almost completely out of control, the world is once again talking about what to do with the canines. Some are whispering that dogs are about to lose their place among mankind. Where will you be...

we gladly accept all levels of roleplay - from beginner to advanced.

we offer a low minimum word count - 300 words.

we have a small-but-growing, friendly community.

unique to WTMS, we have a Medicine and Crafting system, enabling you to create your own potions, poisons, balms, armor, and even weapons to use in your roleplay.

and, best of all, we have a massive plot with many stages, and all of them are modified by how YOU roleplay!

so why don't you JOiN US, and write our history?
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WHEN THE MUSiC STOPS [wolf vs canine rpg] Empty
PostSubject: Re: WHEN THE MUSiC STOPS [wolf vs canine rpg]   WHEN THE MUSiC STOPS [wolf vs canine rpg] EmptyThu Apr 10, 2014 2:57 pm

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WHEN THE MUSiC STOPS [wolf vs canine rpg] Tumblr_static_cool_n_gif
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WHEN THE MUSiC STOPS [wolf vs canine rpg] Kiwi2_by_my_chaotic_fire-d7fnris

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WHEN THE MUSiC STOPS [wolf vs canine rpg]
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