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 °ᵜ° ϟ*°¤✻✼Wℴℓℱ Isℓand✼✻¤°*ϟ °ᵜ°

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°ᵜ°  ϟ*°¤✻✼Wℴℓℱ Isℓand✼✻¤°*ϟ  °ᵜ° Empty
PostSubject: °ᵜ° ϟ*°¤✻✼Wℴℓℱ Isℓand✼✻¤°*ϟ °ᵜ°   °ᵜ°  ϟ*°¤✻✼Wℴℓℱ Isℓand✼✻¤°*ϟ  °ᵜ° EmptyTue Aug 05, 2014 12:29 pm

°ᵜ° ϟ*°¤✻✼Wℴℓℱ Isℓand✼✻¤°*ϟ °ᵜ°

{It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves.}

Søɱɛ Cøɱɛɳɫʂ

"Thanks ^.^ this site is awesome already!" ~Tears

"It's so pretty!! Especially now our members are increasing!!" ~Ocean

"It has lots of cool pictures and fun looking wolf packs and its interesting and fun. Lots of games and many rp places. " ~Nakali

"I really like the Diversity of the site. There's so much to choose from makes things interesting." ~Lithium

A Millennium ago humans faded from view, no one knew what had happened to them, some say war others say sickness, but in the end only the wolf remained. Aumakuas are our protectors, they transcend the earthly plane into a plane that we call the haven. The haven resides between our world and CandisLani (where our dead reside). We live on a island called, "Wolf Island" where wolves rule the wild. There are many different types of breeds on this land, elementals, dire wolves, any species of wolf, shifters that turn into wolves but they are born as a different animal not human nor wolf, mixed bloods, mutants are rare (You can make yourself a mutant by buying it at our site store), and many other breeds if you want to know about them then visit our site and go to info.

Our wolves have the ability to have partners or pets in which you rp the pet or partner. These pets or partners help you with things wolves cannot do, aid you in hunting, and if your wolf has armor they will help put it on. Many things can be bought at our store to aid you in role-play.

One Aumakua had a son that was not meant to live, his name was Eternity and a prophecy had risen at the birth of his son one that Aquirrle himself told to his son, "Six packs will rule the frozen valley will be lead by the wolves of all shapes and structure Conflicts between the packs will result in blood shed, some of many innocent. War will rise, ready your self, prepare; the time will come when the planet tilt's upon it's fourth axis. This will not only be danger, creeping and nipping at your heals. Foam and death will bring you to your knees, the breaking point is near. Will you rise with the waves or fall with them?"

You would have thought with the leaving of the Aumakua's that the others left behind would form again into the once great pack. But alas it is not for the first part of the prophecy had been fulfilled. Wolves let their fear take over splitting them into four packs.

Sɪ̈ɫɛ ɪ̈ɳfø

Our Website:
Site Motto: "It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves."
Site Founder: Eternity {Tamotsu}
Land Packs: Total Of 6 {& 2 sky packs which are in need of leaders}
Site Staff: Eternity, Ocean, Gemini , Alias, & Trance. (Open for 1 global mod and two mods)
Current Season: Spring
Current Adoptions: Alia's siblings.
Site Song: This Is war by: 30 Seconds To Mars
Site Video: To Be Made...
Site Em@il:
Site Colors:
Pack Status: Accepting!
Newest Member: Loki Storm
Current Members: 38


This is a PG 13 site so if younger then that then we still expect you to act mature. If your actions show otherwise you will/may be banned from the site.
This site is mostly for teens but if your 12 we may accept.
We don't care if you curse on our site just as long as it isn't toward anyone, just because it is allowed on our site in role-play that doesn't mean you can get away with cursing on this thread.
We accept any level of role-players, just don't power-play and god-mod.
Short one sentence role-play posts are not allowed and your post may be deleted and you will receive a warning.
Bullying is absolutely not allowed and you will receive punishment, in role-play it's another story though.
We accept multiple accounts. The min is 10 separate accounts.
The RP has a sentence of 5-6 sentences minimum. This is to insure that some of our lower rp skilled members can still role-play with us and help them to get better at posts.
For me to know that you have read the rules, type Frozen somewhere in your post.
Enjoy your time with us on Wolf Island (Land Of The Wolf)!

ʍøɾɛ ɪɳʄø

If you are Kahu, Beta, Delta or a Lead Ranker and are gone with out a E.F.A for over two weeks you will be de-ranked Example. Lead Koa (to)→ Koa.
If you are a full member and are gone without a E.F.A for over a month then your account, after a warning be deleted.
We have 4 seasons. Winter, Spring, Summer & Fall. In our full year will equal two full years for them.
{0 days} Pups > {3 months} Training Apprentice > {4 months} Apprentices. { Season days} Wolves > {6-7 Years} Elders
You will be placed as a loner until you pick a pack. Once you pack is picked you will be placed as a Malihini until you are active for at least one week.


Open: Closed:

Fɑɗɨɳɠ Wħɨʂpɛɾʂ
These wolves are quiet and keep to themselves, they are hard to find and the only way lone wolves know a pack lives here is because of their scent marks. They keep to the shadows, blending in to their surroundings. They dislike trespassers.
Kahu: Trance ♀

Fɾøʐɛɳ Vɑʟʟɛʏ
This land is taken by the largest wolves. Frozen Valley wolves live in a large mountain, from the frozen peaks, past the lake, the valley, and finally ends at a evergreen forest past a river. Which part is taken by these wolves and the others from the Evergreen Forest Pack. They are bold and courageous wolves that are great in battle, battle tactics, and armor as well as weapons. Some of the males seem to be very protective of their pack and challenge every loner they find.

Kahu: Eternity ♂ & Ocean ♀

Cɾɨʍʂøɳ Høʟʟøwʂ
These wolves are snappy and aggressive, not afraid to rip you limb for limb and leave you to bleed out and die. This pack is cold-hearted and the kahu's must keep alert at all times, it is hard to rule a pack as evil as this without aggression.
Kahu: Alias ♂

Vɛɳɠɛʄʉʟ βɾɛɛʐɛ
These wolves are sly and move like shadows and the wind. Beware not to wrong any of these wolves for they will come after you until they earn their vengeance. They are intelligent, stealthy, and silent these wolves travel like the wind moving quickly and silently without a sound. Such training starts early, for the pups it’s natural and they often mimic the adults.
Kahu: Gemini ♀

Rɑɨɳ Pɑɕk
These wolves have never have gone without food for more then a day or two. They have the most prey then any other pack and stay healthy and strong because of it. Aggressive toward strangers and are proud most wolves are agile due to the thick rainforest, and strong swimmers. These wolves have the power to swim toward the first island near Mau Point though they will be tired, any other wolf would most likely cough their way onto the sand and fall onto the sand with exhaustion; they can swim toward the current, and even hold their breath 5 mins longer than normal wolves.

Kahu: Sirese ♂

Eⱱɛɾɠɾɛɛɳ Føɾɛʂʈ Pɑɕk
When other packs have dead looking trees in the fall-winter this pack does not. They seem to have different personalities. Their trees stay green threw out the winter, they live in a large evergreen forest that leads up to a river and mountains, of Frozen Valley.

Kahu: Katana ♀

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°ᵜ° ϟ*°¤✻✼Wℴℓℱ Isℓand✼✻¤°*ϟ °ᵜ°
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