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 Unconscious Discord

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Great Bard
Great Bard

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PostSubject: Unconscious Discord   Unconscious Discord EmptyFri Jun 13, 2014 11:28 am

Unconscious Discord Rain

The world has fallen when the government went corrupt. Everything has slipped into chaos, and now, no one knows just who is in power. Lies spread through the world easily with the false appearances, poor men acting rich, women trying to be more, and then you have the lucky ones who accept where they are - who survive. Now it's your turn. When you are forced to determine where you lie in this world, when you are forced to survive with very little, can you do it, or will you crumble along with the rest of the society?

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~Let insanity be your escape from reality~

Unconscious Discord Kiwi2_by_my_chaotic_fire-d7fnris

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Unconscious Discord
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