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 Magical World of Harry Potter

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Magical World of Harry Potter Empty
PostSubject: Magical World of Harry Potter   Magical World of Harry Potter EmptyThu Jun 12, 2014 4:05 pm

Magical World of Harry Potter Tumblr_m7e17bYaam1r077tco1_400
Magical World of Harry Potter
What we Offer!
- Opened 02-14-13 without interruption
- Welcoming Members and Admins
- World Wide Plots
- 7 Magical Schools
- 14 In-Character Chat Boxes
- Open Requests for All Character Types
- Welcoming Plots
- Pro-LGBT Community
- ZERO Tolerance for OOC Bullying

What we Require!
- At Least 1 IC Post Every 30 Days
- At Least 250 Words Per Post, Monitored by a Plug-In
- Willingness to Dive into Plots
- Friendly Cbox interactions

Home .. Information Center .. Needed Characters .. Claims .. Application
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Magical World of Harry Potter
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