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 Into the Myst - semi-realistic Wolf RP

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Into the Myst - semi-realistic Wolf RP Empty
PostSubject: Into the Myst - semi-realistic Wolf RP   Into the Myst - semi-realistic Wolf RP EmptySun Jun 01, 2014 6:58 pm

Into the Myst - semi-realistic Wolf RP 0g5rpRR
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Welcome to the Realm in the myst. If you are a newcomer, wandering far from the troubles of your previous life, be warned: your new life cannot be idyllic. Here in the Realm, Vida- the pack of life- and Morte- the pack of death- have been warring for what seems like eternity. The myst that surrounds the Realm, prevents the war from spilling out, and has, until now, prevented strangers from coming in. These new souls hold the power to shift the minds of other wolves, and therefore the balance of war. Loners are aggressively recruited, while the spirits, long weakened by the long-standing conflict, struggle to warn the packs about the impending doom that faces them all.

Into the Myst is a semi-realistic wolf forum roleplay with a word count of 100. The community on Myst is friendly and active, and we welcome new friends. As a player, you earn points just by posting in IC areas, and can spend those points on unique characteristics for your next character, or talents for your current one. Or, if you prefer, you can easily play the game without buying anything. The most fun is, after all, creating plots among the characters and finding out how those plots interact with the site's over-arcing plot, and therefore how you influence the world.
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Into the Myst - semi-realistic Wolf RP
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