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 Silent Tranquility

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PostSubject: Silent Tranquility   Silent Tranquility EmptySat May 17, 2014 10:17 am

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The chaos has split the land, leaving the humans to stumble upon misery, lust, greed, and death as the Guardian's lay trapped, and the souls roam free, destined to steal what hope they have left.  Now that everything is set back into place after 1,000 years, it's up to a handful of people to take on this task of forcing these souls back to their dormant state in the depths of the Earth that resides close to Hell, while also allowing the Guardian's to break free of their curse, and letting peace once again roam the world.  Will you take on this journey?

What's Included:

~New human roleplay
~A unique time setting and plot that leaves you questioning reality
~The sense of power you'll be given
~A friendly environment aiming to grow larger in the community
~Unlimited character slots

Will you join us in The Games?

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~Let insanity be your escape from reality~

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Silent Tranquility
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