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 Divided We Begin To Fall

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Divided We Begin To Fall Empty
PostSubject: Divided We Begin To Fall   Divided We Begin To Fall EmptyFri Apr 25, 2014 9:46 pm

Divided We Begin To Fall Divide16

When faced with the choice of deciding what you are, you act on instinct, and from there, you survive.  The world is soon waking up when the supernaturals begin to peak through, their hearts and souls unfolding.  So the question is: what path do you take?

*Low word count
*Accepting all members
*New and bright site
*Supernatural roleplay
*Post-Apocalyptic theme

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~Let insanity be your escape from reality~

Divided We Begin To Fall Kiwi2_by_my_chaotic_fire-d7fnris

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Divided We Begin To Fall
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