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Great Bard

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PostSubject: Joining Info   Joining Info EmptyWed Sep 04, 2013 9:07 pm


Welcome to Sinister Chaos! We want to welcome you here and think it is great that you have considered joining our site, but I must warn you before you go ANY further it is required that you read the rules. If any rules are broken, you will receive notice from an admin, and we want to avoid that don't we?

At this point the rules should be read(If not go Here and read/accept them, ), after you have read and agreed to the rules, you will be accepted into the pack, and with that grueling task out of the way you can startto fill out a character design sheet. We ask that you add as much detail as possible as this will allow you to have a better chance of acceptance, there will be a few length requirements so be sure to read about those!. Now this is a semi-realistic roleplay, but we are fairly lenient with fur and eye colors, just no neon colors or out of this world markings. When you are ready to post your character sheet do so HERE in a new thread. You can find the character sheet HERE

An admin will then review the sheet and either accept it or tell you what needs to be fixed.

Your biography may not be accepted right away, please be patient as it is reviewed. I will once more remind you to read our rules and guidelines. Any breaking of the rules can eventually lead up to warnings or even bans.

Should you be looking for ranks you can find them HERE, I wish you good luck, and I hope to see you around our site soon!
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Joining Info
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