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PostSubject: Rank Guide   Rank Guide EmptyWed Sep 04, 2013 7:37 pm

We have a bit of a different Ranking system, so be prepared and be sure to read the descriptions carefully! Without further ado, our ranks!

NOTE: Members can do all of these jobs, but are just more talented in one area. So you can choose one of these ranks that your wolf excels in, but in the end you will do varying degrees of each job.

The Great Bards:
Not leaders in a literal sense, the pack has no true leader, but relies rather on that of of wisdom and guidance. These four wolves, while not leaders are the wise wolves of the pack, they hold great knowledge and guide the pack in their trials and tribulations. So not Alphas, but Guides for the pack to look up to. These canines are respected above all others, but they do not command the pack, only keep them alive.

The Gladiators:
Named for the great warriors of the old human world, these canines are swift, strong and intelligent. They protect the pack from the home base, to escorting others around the territory.

The Seekers:
These wolves are scouts, sentinels, watchers, of the pack, silent, and mere shadows. They patrol the edges of the land, searching out new land, new food, and are often times found with a Gladiator by their side protecting them.

The Shamans:
Healers of the pack, they have a wide variety of knowledge, not just on herbs and injuries, but poisons, science, other creatures ect. These wolves are probably the second most respected wolves in the pack, providing more knowledge and wisdom on the canines.

Those are our ranks, you may realize that our ranking system is not based off of who is a leader and who is not, but by knowledge, understanding and respect. Those that command respect, in their own way command the pack. So be wary, with great respect comes great power.
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Rank Guide
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