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Wild Reign Staff

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PostSubject: [ wild reign ]   [ wild reign ] EmptyMon Dec 02, 2013 2:35 pm

Wild Reign, otherwise known as the land beyond the Blackblood Alliance comic territories, is a friendly and open canine roleplay owned by THE Kay Fedewa. And while most play wolves, Wild Reign openly accepts-- and enjoys-- any species you want to play. Unlike most forums, Wild Reign has and supports the creation of  unique, intricate and creative user-made packs. More than just the "Alpha", "Beta" and the whole drop down list, all the packs have distinct ranks and even cultures all their own. We accept all levels of roleplay skill, from beginner to advanced and don't discriminate-- and if you ever need help with your posts, our members are more than happy to help you--! And then characters! Oh my! Characters are entirely up to user choice,  from the name to the breed, personality, history and the design! While Wild Reign is semi-realistic, we allow for any pelt colors or patterns, but oh no, what if designing isn't your thing? You can tryout for a canon character or adopt a design that needs a good home and give it a story that lasts forever! Close-nit and kind, the members and staff would love to see you join us... Welcome to Wild Reign.

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[ wild reign ]
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