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 Guide to Sinister Chaos Forums

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PostSubject: Guide to Sinister Chaos Forums   Guide to Sinister Chaos Forums EmptyWed Nov 06, 2013 2:23 am

Here at Sinister Chaos, navigating the forum can be difficult if you are not used to this kind of layout, however, the longer you spend at it, the more and more you will get used to it!

We have nine categories, these are where all the boards are. They are the Information, Joining, AreaChaos, RolePlay, Other Boards, Artistic Corner, Media, Market, Plug Board, and the Archives.  You can find the titles on the top center of the boards sitting on a dark bar.

Now within these Categories are varying amounts of boards (This is where you will find where you can post). I will make a list of what boards are in each category and what you can do there. These will be posted in the order they are on the forum.

Announcements ;; Here announcements such as contest, new plots, ideas or stuff we feel the pack members, need to be kept up to date on. Be sure to check here regularly for new updates, they are very important.
Updates ;; This is where members post if they are going to be gone a period of time, it is also where we update members on what is happening in RP, and where the Birthday and welcoming threads are.
Suggestions ;; Here members can post suggestions for the pack, each and every suggestion is considered, please don't hesitate to post your opinions and ideas, we really do love getting them.
Chaos Lore ;; Here you find history and legends that surround the pack.

Guides ;; Here you can find helpful posts about different things like RP, territory maps, and other helpful things, even this guide!
Rules ;; This is where the rules penalties for breaking rules can be found, it is required you read the rules before joining RolePlay.
Biographies ;; As you know this is where the bio's of all our characters are placed, whether it it be your main character, a second character or a companion bio, all will be placed here.

Northern, Southern, Eastern and Western Territories ;; These are all separate boards, but they are all the RP boards, feel free to start posting anywhere on here, just follow the rules. The territory can be pretty vast, so the separate boards have three or four separate threads within each.

Chatty Boards ;; Really anything can be found here, this is our discussion and freeboard. We have a vent station here, so if you are upset about something and need to Vent go here. ^^ Basically just have fun on these boards, anything can be placed here.
Forum Games ;; Just that, this is where all the games are, the members can come here, and just have fun playing with other members, it is a pretty popular place, so I hope to see you around it! Feel free to make new games as well. We do love them!
Introduce Yourself ;; This is where you make a thread about yourself, not your wolf. You can tell us about your hobbies what you like and dislike. Just don't get too personal, we want to protect your identity ^^
Interesting Facts ;; Pretty straight forward, any facts about Nature, or Animals is placed here. For any Healers this is where you would go to find a comprehensive list of herbs.
Word of the Week ;; The board to be used for the Word of the week, information on WofW can be found inside.

Journal ;; This is where the writers of our pack hang out to post their amazing works, read here for some cool stories, don't forget to leave a critic!
Canvas ;; This is where the artist of the pack hang out, they will post some of their art that they have done, and put it on display for the pack to see. Don't forget to be supportive!

Books ;; Read any good books lately? Share them here, write a quick synopsis and share your love of them with the world, and you might just find someone else on this site has read them as well!
Movies ;; Watch a good movie, let us know all about it, just be sure to scream SPOILER ALERT first!
Music ;; Jamming out to some awesome tunes, cool story bro let us know!
TV Shows ;; Jeepers Scooby that was awesome, come tell us about your favorite TV shows!
Video Games ;; Are you Batman? Or a Pirate, maybe both, show us your favorite games!

Chaos Market ;; Think of this like a store, where you can buy and sell goods. But instead of using real currency, we use things called Tokens. You can earn those through contest and pack events. Feel free to browse what people are "selling" and to check out the General Store where you can get cool stuff to use inside RP.
Token Transfer ;; Here is where all transactions from buying and selling in the stores above happens. There will be a form for you to fill out then just copy and paste!

Affiliate ;; This is where other packs will affiliate with us, be respectful and kind!
Advertise ;; Like the above but people will advertise their packs in hopes of getting more members. Still be kind and helpful!

Basket ;; Any old or unused topics will be placed here, if you would like to have one removed from this area just let an admin know.

Originally written for Serenity River Pack by Kegan, modified for here


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Guide to Sinister Chaos Forums
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