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Staff and Members
Of Sinister Chaos


Kegan-- Kegan has owned and run RP sites for three years, previously owning a site with over 100 members, and 500 accounts on site before starting this site. She is an avid advanced RPer, having been roleplaying both on and off wolf sites for the past eight years, and enjoys not only helping those new to Rping get their footing, but interacting through Roleplay with those that are experienced in wolf pack RP. Outside of the internet, she is a second year college student studying Music Education focusing are the vocal aspect. She loves to read, write, and do art, not to mention chat with those she meets on here. If you need help, don't hesitate to talk to her, she knows what to do!

Karma-- Karma was Head Admin along side Kegan in the last site the owned and ran for three years together. She is an avid Roleplayer, and even published writer. Pokemon master and lover of wolves, she is a in real life friend of Kegan and a trusted Head Admin here. Also a second year college student, Karma is going in for Meteorology degree, and is well on her way to being  a great writer, a great artist and just the best person you will know. Need help with the site, she is another person who can answer any question you may have!

Kiora--Kiora has been a roleplayer for over a year, but she is an active member and very friendly. She is a junior in high school and plans to go into college for her nursing degree. She has been writing since she was a kid, and has drawn since she was a kid. She plays pokemon a lot and plans to fulfill Ash's dream of catching them all. She also plays Zelda, and can attempt to answer any question you have. Being the head of the welcoming committee, she is sure to make you feel welcome and feel like you're already a part of the family!

------------------Senior Members

Cinder--Cinder has been around here for a while now. If you’re new she might not talk to you much. It’s nothing to be offended about she is just one of our more quiet members. When she isn’t going on about batman that is. She is a good listener though and if you need someone to talk to she is always around. Silly girl doesn’t have much of a life. Anyways with her having been around for a while feel free to ask her questions about how everything works around here. In conclusion she can be pretty chill and doesn’t tend to judge. So feel free to come around and say hi.


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Staff and Members
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